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9 Fitness Side-Hustles: Make Money & Look Better


Hot on the heels of being featured on the What’s Up Next Podcast with my friends Doc G & Paul David Thompson, we thought it would be great to cover 9 fitness side hustles that can not only make you money, but also keep you in shape. We’ve probably made this clear, but physical fitness and health are both huge aspects of our lives. We may write about financial independence more, but we weigh the two equally when it comes to our committment to achieving and maintaining both physical and fiscal health.

There are so many similarities between the two, from the slow and steady accumulation of wins that culminate into a much larger goal, to the fact that there are generally no effective shortcuts (like get rich quick schemes, or diet pills) that help you achieve your goals and maintain that level of success. Which brings us to today’s topic which combine our two favorite things, fitness and finance, and breaking down how some side hustles can help you make money while staying active.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or someone just starting out on your physical pilgrimage, you should be able to find something on this list that will fit your experience level and lifestyle. Let’s dive in to our 9  fitness side-hustles that’ll get you, or keep you, in shape.

9 Fitness Side-Hustles

Personal Training

Personal training is probably one of the first things people think of when it comes to making money while being in shape. Based on my experience training people, they know how to do things, they just need someone there to tell them what to do. It’s pretty much an accountability partner. Now, you will need to have some sort of certificaton, although those requirements vary by gym. Biggest drawback: dealing with people can suck, and you might not get paid if someone cancels. Also, depending on the gym, you actually won’t be allowed to exercise, you’ll just watch your client.

Online Personal Training

The internet and instant access to millions of other people has revolutionized the entire world, and it’s the same story with personal trainers. This was my preferred method of training people, because I could update workouts or meal plans in the comfort of my own home, at any time. It’s also scalable. Training 10 people wasn’t as much of a headache because you don’t have to coordinate your schedules. Biggest drawback: higher competition, and again you actually aren’t doing anything here to stay in shape.

Group Fitness Instructor

Unlike the personal trainer, and online personal training, this is one side-hustle that definitely involves movement. You get to workout, but you’re the one doing all the talking and coaching. You could be an instructor for anything from spin classes, to BodyPump, or yoga. The best part is, unlike personal training, the classes have numerous people, it doesn’t matter if someone no-shows, you’ll still get paid and run the class for everyone else. Biggest drawback: lower, but more guaranteed, pay compared to personal training.


Or GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates…you get the picture. Food delivery has become much easier to access, and much easier to complete from the delivery person’s perspective. How exactly will delivering shit get you healthy? Skip the car, hop on a bike, cut on the app, and start delivering food. Our friend Cody, from Fly to FI, did this for a summer when he was in Australia. You’ll make money, and it’ll help you stay in shape. To top it off, there’s no real requirement of schedule, you can make it as flexible as you want. Biggest drawback: potentially shitty hourly wage. But you’re doing this to stay in shape, so that doesn’t matter as much.


Walking someone else’s dog sounds like it could be the happiest way to make money. We definitely consider ourselves dog people, so helping someone who doesn’t have the time to give their pet exercise sounds like a pretty noble cause. Hell, we’ve offered to walk dogs for free. Again, the gig economy is helping you stay in shape, spend some time outdoors, and make some fast cash, all while hanging out with man’s best friend. Biggest drawback: you’re responsible for someone else’s pet. If the dog runs away, eats something sketchy, gets hit by a car, etc. that’s on you.


One of my favorite past fitness side-hustles was being a soccer ref. I made $20 a game to hang out with a couple of friends, run up and down the field, and watch soccer. We loved tournament weekends because you could easily knock out 3-4 games in a half day of work. Obviously, you’ll want to pick a sport that you know the rules of, and I’m not sure that baseball umpires actually move anything other than their arms, so the degree of movement can vary. Drawback: parents that take youth sports too seriously are assholes, and they’re pretty much exclusively who you deal with.


This is another side-hustle I had for a small amount of time, working for Two Men & a Truck. Lifting heavy things, loading them up, and unloading them is one hell of a workout. You don’t even have to make it a formal thing, check Craigslist and other local listing sites. If you’ve got a truck or a trailer, offering to deliver appliances could also be pretty lucrative. People are always looking to hire daily laborers, or just someone to help rearrange a couple of things. Biggest drawback: potentially inconsistent work, which could lead to inconsistent pay.

Bike Tour

Set up a bike tour to hit up all the local tourist attractions, or even local breweries or restaurants can be a great hustle to get outdoors, meet new people, be active, get other people active, see more of your city, and make some dough on the side. On second thought, I’m not sure why we aren’t doing this now…Drawback: location & weather dependant. People aren’t going to pay for a bike tour of a one horse town in the middle of winter.

Yard Work

Helping with yardwork is also something often being advertised for on Craigslist. Neighbors can be an even easier customer to get than strangers online. Plus you get the added benefit of not having to drive somewhere. Check out your neighbors yard beforehand and get an idea of the scope of work that you’ll do. Biggest drawback: it might not be a social thing, which can be a benefit sometimes. Selling things on Craigslist can also be exercise just by moving them around. Check out our article on Selling on Craigslist for more information.


So, there you have it, 9 fitness side-hustles that’ll pad your wallet without padding your clothes. Combining finance and fitness can be a tough line to follow and it can seem hard to know where to start. However, unlike most would have you believe, getting and staying in shape doesn’t have to cost you money. Also, if you do it right, you could even make a decent amount. Feel free to give any of these a try and keep us updated in the process. And of course, if y’all have any good hustles that I’ve missed, feel free to throw those in the comments for other readers to pick up on!


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