One week in Ayia Napa
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A Week in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Cyprus is an incredibly beautiful island, and we discovered some of the beauty of the island by spending a week in Ayia Napa. Ayia Napa is the most popular resort destination in Cyprus. It’s also a top beach destination in all of Europe, but little known to ‘outsiders’. With beautiful beaches, a booming nightlife, plenty of accommodations, gorgeous landscapes, and tons of history, it’s not hard to see why! With all these beautiful places to visit, it can be hard to pick the best spots to spend time and, of course, take pictures. The good news is that we have you covered with everything we suggest doing during a week in Ayia Napa.

A Week in Ayia Napa

There are so many great options on how to spend your time in Ayia Napa that it can get a little overwhelming when picking where to start. So I will start with the most picture-worthy spots in Ayia Napa to get the ball rolling. While these places are great for pictures, they are also full destinations in their own right. Swimming, hiking, taking in the sights. If you roll up, take a picture and leave, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice.

Picture-worthy Spots

#5 Lovers Bridge

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Lovers Bridge

The Lovers Bridge is a beautiful natural land bridge just outside the main area of Ayia Napa. Legend has it that if two lovers kiss on the bridge while making the same wish, it will come true. All we know is that we love it as an incredibly photogenic spot. Be warned though, this can be a VERY popular spot at times. We suggest going to take pictures early in the morning, or you’ll have to crop some assholes out of your photo.

#4 Sea Caves

Ayia Napa Sea Caves
Ayia Napa Sea Caves

The Ayia Napa Sea Caves are another must-see. After turning onto the road that leads to the sea and pulling up to the caves, you might wonder if your maps have steered you wrong. But after a few steps to the magical coastline, you’ll find a natural tunnel carved out of the rock, which makes it the perfect photo spot. The crystal clear waters make for an excellent backdrop for photos. When the tide is low, cool off with a dip in the sea and a little exploring in the sea caves down below. Or sunbath along the cliffside with the sound of the water hitting the rocks and a view you can’t beat.

#3 Bridge of Koraka

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Bridge of Koraka

The Bridge of Koraka is third on our list of best photo-worthy spots. This natural land bridge is the most well known in Cyprus. Unfortunately, it has been fenced off from crossing. It likely couldn’t hold the many people who would try to stand on it. But, it still makes for incredible photos. Also, it’s part of the Cape Greco National Park and ‘Trail of Sea Caves’ so there’s plenty of beaches and sights around it so you can spend more time in the area.

#2 Agioi Saranta

Instagram #2 Ayia Napa
Agioi Saranta

The Agioi Saranta is off the beaten path, and it’s uniqueness and exclusivity is what appealed to us. This island is littered with churches everywhere, but none quite like the ‘Cave Church’. The whitewashed stone and blue door are the perfect backdrops for a photo. With no light other than the open space above the ‘wall’ and the dome on top of the cave, interior pictures can take some effort. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can climb up the hill outside. There you can take pictures on top of the church at the dome and bask in the wonderful views of the beach and city below.

#1 Nissi Beach

Instagram Spots Ayia Napa
Nissi Beach

A beautiful beach, a sand bridge, and a small island off the coast with great views. It’s impossible not to mention Nissi Beach. It’s the perfect location for not only photos but also to have a relaxing day at the beach. Ranked #18 on Best Beaches in Europe by TripAdvisor it’s a hot destination for young party-goers, but it is also family-friendly and a great place to swim.

Places to Stay

Much like the abundance of beautiful landscapes, lavish hotels and resorts are abundant. It can get a little overwhelming trying to pick out where in the city to stay, what hotel has the best rating, and who has the best views. However, you don’t need to look too hard because we suggest the Grecian Bay Hotel. They have an incredible breakfast spread, a gym that has all of the essentials, the nicest staff, and a massive pool that will make you never want to leave. Did we mention the views? Or the tiki hut covered beach steps away from the pool & restaurants? Centrally located close to some of the best beaches, nightlife, and eateries, this hotel is perfect for pretty much anyone. Also, for our travel hacking friends, this is property is a great value with Chase Ultimate Rewards Points at around 7,000 points a night. Interesting in travel hacking? Check out our Travel Resources for the cards we recommend.

Balcony view at the Grecian Bay Hotel
Balcony view at the Grecian Bay Hotel

Things To Do

There are so many great free things to do during your week in Ayia Napa, that it’s easy to keep yourself occupied, without the worry of shelling out too much money. Given the location, the beach is probably a primary reason you’re visiting Ayia Napa. You’ve picked the right place then because the city offers 14 beautiful beaches to choose from. Most of the beaches have a boardwalk along the sea, so you can get in some extra steps while plotting which place to stop and take a swim.

All of the picture-worthy spots mentioned above, except the Agioi Saranta Church, have beautiful swimming locations. You can spend plenty of time cooling off in the crystal clear blue water while taking in the breathtaking sights of the coastline. The church, on the other hand, is more suited for a hike, or some off-road adventures. However, it’s home to equally beautiful sights.

If a lazy day at the beach does not appeal to you, then there are plenty of other options to choose from instead. There are options everywhere for day-trips on a boat, water sports excursions, and ATV rentals. We chose a sunset cruise, which included a large meal, unlimited drinks, a few stops at swimming spots, and amazing views. Each cruise excursion offers something different and costs vary, but if you’re willing to spend the money, it’s a fun experience! Just don’t forget to stay hydrated if they have an open bar!

There are plenty of people willing to take your money, so just be sure to choose the activities that best suit you and your family’s needs and doesn’t hurt the bank account.

Fig Tree Bay Boardwalk with date trees
Boardwalk alongside Fig Tree Bay with date trees and fig trees


A week in Ayia Napa is the perfect amount of time to spend at this tropical paradise. We can’t suggest visiting here enough. Whether you’re looking to just relax on the beach, or have an adventure-filled vacation, this is the place to visit. We visited Ayia Napa at the beginning of October, and it was the perfect time to go. The weather was still warm, without being excruciatingly hot, the water was refreshing, and it wasn’t over-crowded with tourists. If you need tips on how to pack light, read how we survive abroad with only a carry-on. What are you waiting for? Book a week in this magical location today!




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