• Screening Airbnb Guests
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    Screening Airbnb Guests

    If you’re a new Airbnb host, you may not know about screening Airbnb guests. Hell, we know long-time hosts who don’t know about screening Airbnb guests. Screening Airbnb guests is going to be a key factor in protecting your investment and making sure your property stays clean and your cleaners stay sane. What Screening Airbnb Guests Does Screening Airbnb guests is an easy way for them to know that you’re a hands-on host…or at least gives the illusion that you are. Creating small hoops for guests to jump through is an easy way to ensure your property is protected. By asking guests to give information you are weeding out the…

  • Budget Bathroom Remodel
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    Budget Bathroom Remodel

    There are a few spaces where spending money makes sense when it comes to your home. The general advice is that the kitchen and bathrooms are two spaces where you’ll see the most bang for your buck. That also holds true when it comes to a budget bathroom remodel, and we wholeheartedly agree. You’ll find that we’re suckers for cheap & easy renovations. Even though you’ll see the highest return on remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. We did our budget bathroom remodel for under $500 bucks. Not only that, but we did it ourselves in a weekend. Trust us,…

  • Can You Airbnb a Condo?
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    Can You Airbnb a Condo?

    ‘Can you Airbnb a condo?’ This is a common question we get. Lucky for you, we know all too well whether you can Airbnb a condo or not. We’ve successfully done it for years now, but have also encountered pushback and threats. We will teach you how to overcome both. I’m sure since you’re reading this that you’re aware, but a condo is a unit that is either in a larger building, a townhouse, or part of a larger neighborhood. The way that it differs from a traditional single family home is that it is typically overseen by an HOA (homeowners association) which means they have a say in what…

  • What Should Your Airbnb Review Say?
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    What Should An Airbnb Review Say?

    What Should An Airbnb Review Say? If you’ve just wrapped up being a guest at an Airbnb, you may be wondering what your review about the Airbnb should say and maybe even how many stars you should leave. Another thing you may be thinking about is what will the Airbnb host say in their review about you. Well, don’t worry because we’ll also cover our tip on how you can get 5 stars on your next Airbnb review! How was Your Airbnb Stay? We’ve been hosts for 5 years and we know the most important thing about your review is to be honest about your experience. Don’t say that the…

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    We’re Alive! – 2020 Edition

    We’re happy to let y’all know that we’re still alive! It’s been nearly three years since we’ve posted on our site and man, has it been a wild three years. We’d love to apologize about the absence, but honestly, we don’t feel that bad about it. We’ve been out there in the world living life and enjoying ourselves and there’s nothing about that to be sorry about. I guess the only real thing we’re sorry about is that our memories are going to miss some of the details, but we’re here to give you an update on our past three years. (Editors note: this is getting a little long winded,…

  • Live Longer

    9 Ways to Avoid Boredom at Home

    In light of everything going on in the world, I figured now would be the best time to give you 9 ways to avoid boredom at home during an extended time off work & school. It’s always helpful to be armed with information. Being holed up in your house doesn’t need to be boring and unproductive. You can still continue to be healthy and continue learning during your time avoiding contact with others. Finally, introverts, like myself, can enjoy their days without being bombarded with conversations, event requests, parties, etc. However, now I’ve got the sole responsibility of keeping James’s extroversion tendencies busy. Buckle up, hunker down, and lock your…

  • How to be a Landlord
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    How to be a Landlord

    How to be a Landlord This probably goes without saying, but rental properties are by far our favorite investments. By investing in real estate and learning how to be a landlord over our rental properties we’ve been able to retire on less money invested into fewer properties. Ultimately, this means we were able to quit our jobs earlier which equals more happiness.  Today, we are going to take you through our process and explain how we are landlords and how we manage our properties. Responsibilities of Landlords Deciding to be a landlord and manage your rental properties adds a larger level of complexity to real estate investing. After all, you…

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    Benefits & Drawbacks of Unemployment

    As of two weeks ago, I am officially unemployed. You may be thinking to yourself, I thought you guys already quit your jobs last year? Well, that’s not completely true. If you haven’t read our article about kinda quitting our jobs, go read that real quick and then jump back to this one. Today though, we are going to cover some of the benefits and drawbacks of unemployment. 6 Months of Unemployment While James only had a month for his leave of absence, I was able to take 6 months. There were many benefits of easing into unemployment with a leave of absence versus flat out quitting my job. In…

  • 3 Ways to Increase Property Value
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    3 Ways to Increase Property Value in a Weekend

    Curious to find out how to increase your property value by over $10,000 in a weekend? Today, we are covering everything, including what we did, how we did it, the materials for the project, the cost, and breaking down the added value. Background When we found out about Financial Independence and Early Retirement, we began looking for easy ways to lower our cost of living. We quickly became tired of living in a super fancy condo. Don’t get us wrong, we love nice stuff as much as the next person. The problem was, a significant amount of our money was going to the mortgage and the ridiculous HOA just to…

  • Early Retirement Update
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    Early Retirement Update: January

    January has long come and gone and we are knocking on the door of March already. Luckily, as an early retiree, we largely have no deadlines and can publish these early retirement updates whenever we see fit, dammit. January was a full month of traveling, eating, and some surprise expenses that we weren’t expecting. Spoiler alert: we’ve already busted the budget one month into the year. Let’s dive in and find out how, and by how much. If you are interested in the tools we use to keep track of our income & spending at a glance, be sure to check out Mint for budgeting & spending and Personal Capital…