The Four Cardinal Sins of Finance

What’s the worst financial decision you’ve made? The Financial Independence journey is a spectrum and everyone falls somewhere on that spectrum, even if they don’t know about financial independence, or aren’t actively pursuing it. With that in mind, there no choices or mistakes that can not be undone with time, focus, money, or some combination… Continue reading The Four Cardinal Sins of Finance

Fitness vs Financial Independence

There are always, and will always, be similarities between getting physically healthy and getting financially healthy. To be effective long term, both require discipline, delayed gratification, and sometimes a long slow journey to the goal. However, while they can be very similar, at times they can also seem at complete odds of one another. If… Continue reading Fitness vs Financial Independence

From Janitor to Regional Manager: My 5 Year Career Path

College was never really my thing. Unfortunately, high school was incredibly easy for me and it did little to prepare me for higher education. My college experience could be summed up by a couple of years of taking bullshit classes. In less than two years, I had three different majors, and I still genuinely didn’t… Continue reading From Janitor to Regional Manager: My 5 Year Career Path

Cheap & Easy Rental Renovations

Appearance is everything. Potential tenants judge your place based on looks first and foremost. This is why we believe that having some high quality pictures is a huge benefit to our listings, and also why we typically put some small touches in our places to make them look newer, cleaner, nicer, which not only increases… Continue reading Cheap & Easy Rental Renovations

FIRE not FYRE: Breaking Down One of the Biggest Failures Ever

Don’t know if we have any Netflix aficionados in the house, but if not, they’ve just released a documentary called Fyre. The documentary is an account of the massive failure that was the Fyre Festival. To give you a brief summary of this colossal shit-storm, here’s what happened: Rapper, Ja Rule, and some jackass named Billy… Continue reading FIRE not FYRE: Breaking Down One of the Biggest Failures Ever