Cheap & Easy Rental Renovations

Appearance is everything. Potential tenants judge your place based on looks first and foremost. This is why we believe that having some high quality pictures is a huge benefit to our listings, and also why we typically put some small touches in our places to make them look newer, cleaner, nicer, which not only increases… Continue reading Cheap & Easy Rental Renovations

FIRE not FYRE: Breaking Down One of the Biggest Failures Ever

Don’t know if we have any Netflix aficionados in the house, but if not, they’ve just released a documentary called Fyre. The documentary is an account of the massive failure that was the Fyre Festival. To give you a brief summary of this colossal shit-storm, here’s what happened: Rapper, Ja Rule, and some jackass named Billy… Continue reading FIRE not FYRE: Breaking Down One of the Biggest Failures Ever

New Years Resolution Guide to: Financial Health

Well, it’s that time of the year again. You’re feeling the holiday hangover from all the food you ate and all the alcohol you had to consume to deal with your family. Now you’re starting to wonder if spending all your money on presents was worth it. Spolier alert:  it wasn’t. But, it’s a new… Continue reading New Years Resolution Guide to: Financial Health

Dying Early & Broke Because You’re American

Healthcare in Early Retirement? The question seemingly has no easy answer as an American. When we discuss healthcare in retirement, and our short-term plans to utilize medical tourism, and moving abroad to capitalize on Mrs. RRR’s access to practically free healthcare with her EU citizenship we are usually met with squints, sighs, and other skeptical… Continue reading Dying Early & Broke Because You’re American

Why People Love Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: shopping days that millions of people anxiously wait all year for. As you might imagine, these shopping “holidays” aren’t really our cup of tea. Literally a day after everyone gathers and expresses what they’re thankful for, they’re fighting old women and small children for shit they don’t need that’s only… Continue reading Why People Love Black Friday