• How to be a Landlord
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    How to be a Landlord

    How to be a Landlord This probably goes without saying, but rental properties are by far our favorite investments. By investing in real estate and learning how to be a landlord over our rental properties we’ve been able to retire on less money invested into fewer properties. Ultimately, this means we were able to quit our jobs earlier which equals more happiness.  Today, we are going to take you through our process and explain how we are landlords and how we manage our properties. Responsibilities of Landlords Deciding to be a landlord and manage your rental properties adds a larger level of complexity to real estate investing. After all, you…

  • 3 Ways to Increase Property Value
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    3 Ways to Increase Property Value in a Weekend

    Curious to find out how to increase your property value by over $10,000 in a weekend? Today, we are covering everything, including what we did, how we did it, the materials for the project, the cost, and breaking down the added value. Background When we found out about Financial Independence and Early Retirement, we began looking for easy ways to lower our cost of living. We quickly became tired of living in a super fancy condo. Don’t get us wrong, we love nice stuff as much as the next person. The problem was, a significant amount of our money was going to the mortgage and the ridiculous HOA just to…

  • converting long term rental into airbnb
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    Should I Convert a Long Term Rental Into AirBnb?

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past half-decade, AirBnb is one of the first companies that comes to mind when you are thinking of staying overnight in just about any location. There are currently over 6 million AirBnb listings. These accommodations vary wildly from a 14 bedroom mansion with a lazy river to a damn air-mattress in the back of someone’s car. The question is, should you capitalize on this popularity as a landlord? Should you seek out properties for AirBnb? Or, even easier, do you convert a long term rental property into an AirBnb? Convert a Rental Into an AirBnb As real estate investors, we’ve debated dipping our…

  • Putting Lipstick on a pig
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    How to Put Lipstick on a Pig

    What in the hell is ‘putting lipstick on a pig’? In the real estate world, this is an endearing term of dressing up a relatively shitty rental, or even personal home. Our ‘pigs’ usually have good bones, and are in good locations, but aren’t very easy on the eyes. This perfectly describes one of our duplexes. We will dive in and discuss the background of the property, first. Then, the ‘lipstick’ that we put on this pig. Finally, we will breakdown the financial result of our efforts. Background A few weeks ago, Emily and I listed one side of a duplex that had recently become vacant. To give you an…

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    4 Ways To Get Started In Real Estate

    As you all know, we are a little obsessed with real estate. In our opinion, it is one of the ‘easiest’ ways to reach financial independence in the shortest amount of time. Since we are still fairly young, we obviously don’t want to spend what are potentially the best years of our lives working on or for something we aren’t 100% passionate about. We are using our able bodies and minds to save and invest in real estate now so we can use that as our means of living in the future while our minds and bodies can work on other enjoyable tasks. If you would have asked me 4…

  • cheap and easy renovations
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    Cheap & Easy Home Renovations

    Appearance is everything when it comes to your home or rental property. Friends, family members, and tenants alike judge your place based on looks first and foremost and create their opinion of your place. This is why we take the time to do some cheap & easy home renovations to make them look newer, cleaner, and nicer. As a result, this increases our tenant pool, reduces vacancies, and gets us more rent in the long run. Also, we think it makes people prouder of the place they live, which is important to us as landlords. Take these cheap and easy tips from our 10+ renovations and apply them to your…

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    Thoughts From an Unexpected Landlord

    A little over this time 2 years ago, we bought our second property ever, leading to a whirlwind of investing, becoming landlords, and even home renovators. We bought our second property with the intention of moving and selling the loft where we were living in at the time (only we dragged our feet and moved out about 3 months later, and sold the loft a year later-but that’s beside the point). When we made this move, I don’t think I could have imagined how much our lives would have changed in two years, definitely for the better. We have accumulated 6 properties, 10 units total. Four of those properties have…

  • Invest in Real Estate,  Long Term Rental

    Buying Rental Number 10

    Well, we’ve taken a major step back in our mortgage payoff goal that we talked about in our article about our Monthly Mortgage Goals. Like a $98,595 step back. Like an alcoholic who just wants to sit in a bar, it was only a matter of time before we fell off the wagon. Well, maybe our scenario isn’t quite that bad. We weighed our options and decided to go ahead and capitalize on a good deal while we were still working, and had the cash on hand for a decent down payment. The diversification of the deal is definitely an added bonus. To be clear, as I’m sure you gathered from…

  • how to get good tenants
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    How to Get Good Tenants

    One of the most common questions we get as landlords is: “How do you get good tenants?” And that is a very good question. One of the biggest concerns as a property owner is how will someone else treat my property. Hell, we live right next door to our tenants, so imagine picking your neighbor. The unfortunate thing is that you won’t truly know if they are a quality tenant until you already have them. But, you can definitely raise the likelihood that you get a quality tenant by qualifying them through these methods. Getting Good Tenants I’d like to preface the rest of the article with mentioning: to get…

  • buying rental properties
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    From One to Nine Rental Units in a Year

    Intro Way back before I had ever heard of Mr. Money Mustache, ChooseFI, or the FIRE movement, I was interested in real-estate investing. I had zero knowledge, zero experience, and zero funds (literally to all three). All I had was a lifetime experience of growing up poor, a half read copy of the 4 Hour Work Week (which was only because I read the 4 Hour Body first and decided to check out Tim Ferris’s other offerings), and the results of a google search about different ways of passively making money. I didn’t feel that I had enough knowledge about any particular subject to write an e-book about, I had…