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    9 Fitness Side Hustles: Make Money & Look Better

    Hot on the heels of our feature on the fitness episode of the What’s Up Next Podcast with our friends Doc G & Paul David Thompson, we thought it would be great to cover 9 fitness side hustles that can not only make you money but also keep you in shape. We’ve probably made this clear, but physical fitness and health are both huge aspects of our lives. There are so many similarities between fiscal and physical health. From the slow and steady accumulation of wins that culminate into a much larger goal, to the fact that there are generally no effective shortcuts. Despite what you may think, get rich quick…

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    New Years Resolution Guide to: Physical Health

    You’re probably thinking that it’s a little late for a post about New Year’s resolutions, and you might even be right. But, I can tell you from my past experience managing a gym that you’d be wrong. Sure, we had a nice influx of people at the beginning of the year because most New Year’s resolutions are health related, but amazingly February was our busiest month of the year for membership sales, and I wasn’t mad at it because my commission checks were vitally needed after I blew all my money trying to show everyone how much I loved them through gifts. If you think about it, it’s not too…

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    Dying Early & Broke Because You're American

    Healthcare in Early Retirement? The question seemingly has no easy answer as an American. When we discuss healthcare in retirement, and our short-term plans to utilize medical tourism, and moving abroad to capitalize on Mrs. RRR’s access to practically free healthcare with her EU citizenship we are usually met with squints, sighs, and other skeptical sayings and body language. For some reason, despite clear evidence to the contrary, Americans as a whole feel like healthcare everywhere else is somehow poorer quality and less than what’s available in America. Well, I hope you’re sitting down because we are about to blow your damn minds. “You get what you pay for.”- someone…

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    Our $160 Monthly Food Bill

    To get that brain matter flowing and get you thinking about your answer throughout the article, we’re going to start this off by asking you a question. How much do you spend a week on food, namely groceries? The big three monthly expenses everyone has are: housing; transportation; and food. Well, we’ve covered housing with: The House Hack that Allows us to Live for Free, and transportation with: How to Get Rich by Driving Crappy Cars, so we figured it was about time we dove a little deeper into the food budget a little more. Ever since Mr. RRR was a guest on the Vegan episode of ChooseFI, we have been asked…

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    Why Football is a Waste of Time

    Why Football is a Waste of Time The amount of resources spent on football is baffling. The time squandered, the financial loss, and subjecting yourself to watching dumbass commercials for hours on end can’t be a recipe for success. Let’s break down exactly why football is a waste of time. Here’s a shortlist of things you can do in less time than the average football game Fly from NYC to the Bahamas. Fall in love with dreamy DiCaprio while you watch the full-length Titanic movie. There was plenty of space on that door and Rose knew it! Roast a turkey. Drive from LA to Mexico, and have time to stop…

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    The True Car Replacement

    Car Replacement It’s no secret that we are passionate about cycling, and particularly commuting via bicycle. A bicycle is the perfect car replacement. You’re not only exercising for free, you’re actually saving a significant amount of money compared to commuting via car. So, let’s make a quick checklist of all the things biking to work does for you that a car does not: Fun ✔ Exercise ✔ Save money ✔ Spend time outdoors ✔ See more of your city ✔ Better for the environment ✔ Less stress ✔ Save time ✔ (1 hour commute covers exercise and travel vs 40 minute car commute and hour at the gym to get the equivalent amount of exercise.) Why Biking is Alabama…

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    How to Bike to Work

    “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.” –John F. Kennedy There aren’t many things that I get as much enjoyment out of as riding my bicycle to work. Ignoring the cost benefit for the moment, just imagine the efficiency of completing one task and simultaneously knocking three things off your “to-do” list at the same time: Spend some time outdoors in the fresh air. Exercise. Get to-and-from work. Don’t fret though, this isn’t going to be a philosophical article about all the benefits of riding your bike, or a cost-benefit analysis of commuting to work. No, this is going to be a nuts and bolts article to help…

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    How We Make Veganism Work For Us

    Before we get started, I’d like to issue a ‘trigger warning’ to all the self-proclaimed carnivores, this article will talk about blasphemous concepts including: veganism, vegetarianism, and even reducing meat consumption. You have been warned… At the risk of sounding like the cheapest bastards in the world, we are going to explain our grocery shopping and overall dietary choices and why we classify it as “Freegan”. Freegan to us means that we are vegan as far as our dollar is concerned. At home, at restaurants, when we bring pot-luck dishes, etc. But we aren’t 100% opposed to consuming the occasional animal products if they are not only free (hence the…

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    Rat Race Recipe: Sweet Potato Casserole

    It’s hard to believe that it’s only 14 days until Christmas. For some reason, it hasn’t felt quite like the holidays this year. Maybe it’s because our constant stream of Christmas parties hasn’t started yet. Regardless, there’s always at least 3 Christmas eating events that we attend, and that means that we need to prepare and bring at least 1 dish for every event. As you can imagine, if you don’t strategically plan, it can make a small dent in your wallet compared to your normal grocery budget. Our favorite dish during the holidays is sweet potato casserole. A few years ago, I took on the responsibility of bringing this…

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    Health is Wealth: Frugal Fitness Guide

    Anyone that knows us, knows that we are fitness fanatics. This is for a number of reasons. One, we are sticklers for efficiency, and obesity from over-eating and under exercising is pretty much the inverse of efficiency. Secondly, we both have a family history of health problems compounded by inactivity and obesity. And finally, we both want to spend as much quality time together. It goes without saying that healthy life choices increase life expectancy, and quality of life as we age. I’d like to preface the meat and potatoes of this article by saying that this is a “do as we say, not as we do” situation. We consider…