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    4 Ways To Get Started In Real Estate

    As you all know, we are a little obsessed with real estate. In our opinion, it is one of the ‘easiest’ ways to reach financial independence in the shortest amount of time. Since we are still fairly young, we obviously don’t want to spend what are potentially the best years of our lives working on or for something we aren’t 100% passionate about. We are using our able bodies and minds to save and invest in real estate now so we can use that as our means of living in the future while our minds and bodies can work on other enjoyable tasks. If you would have asked me 4…

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    The Four Cardinal Sins of Finance

    What’s the worst financial decision you’ve made? The Financial Independence journey is a spectrum and everyone falls somewhere on that spectrum, even if they don’t know about financial independence, or aren’t actively pursuing it. With that in mind, there no choices or mistakes that can not be undone with time, focus, money, or some combination of the three. We’ve made some mistakes of our own, and even a couple that are listed below. However, if you want to achieve FI or give yourself as much of a buffer of passive income, emergency fund, or even a mortgage free house as you can, you will do well to avoid making any…

  • Fitness VS Financial Independence
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    Fitness vs Financial Independence

    There are always, and will always, be similarities between getting physically healthy and getting financially healthy. To be effective long term, both require discipline, delayed gratification, and sometimes a long slow journey to the goal. However, while they can be very similar, at times they can also seem at complete odds of one another. If fitness and FI are so closely related, then why aren’t many more people on this journey, or already at their goal. Let’s take a look at Mr. Money Mustache, arguably the biggest, most well-known name in the FI world, he has a whopping 111k likes on Facebook. Admittedly, all those people probably aren’t on the…

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    From Janitor to Regional Manager: My 5 Year Career Path

    College was never really my thing. Unfortunately, high school was incredibly easy for me and it did little to prepare me for higher education. My college experience could be summed up by a couple of years of taking bullshit classes. In less than two years, I had three different majors, and I still genuinely didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I suppose that I was lucky that my family was incredibly poor because Pell grants covered my tuition at the local community college. Part-time retail jobs gave me some spending money through college, and I spent every dime that came in. Once I realized how much…

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    Should I Buy a New Car, a Used Car, or Keep My Old Car

    Should I Buy a New Car, a Used Car, or Keep My Old Car? You may be asking yourself: Should I Buy a New Car, a Used Car, or Keep My Old Car? We would love to help you clarify that, but first, an anecdote. Less than a month after Mrs. RRR and I got married, we got pressured to do one thing. Amazingly, it wasn’t having kids…..yet (our families have since cranked this pressure up to a mild 7), but it was to get a new car. For some reason, the second we got married, the ’97 Toyota Camry that Mrs. RRR brought into the marriage became unsafe and inadequate,…

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    9 Fitness Side Hustles: Make Money & Look Better

    Hot on the heels of our feature on the fitness episode of the What’s Up Next Podcast with our friends Doc G & Paul David Thompson, we thought it would be great to cover 9 fitness side hustles that can not only make you money but also keep you in shape. We’ve probably made this clear, but physical fitness and health are both huge aspects of our lives. There are so many similarities between fiscal and physical health. From the slow and steady accumulation of wins that culminate into a much larger goal, to the fact that there are generally no effective shortcuts. Despite what you may think, get rich quick…

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    Cheap & Easy Home Renovations

    Appearance is everything when it comes to your home or rental property. Friends, family members, and tenants alike judge your place based on looks first and foremost and create their opinion of your place. This is why we take the time to do some cheap & easy home renovations to make them look newer, cleaner, and nicer. As a result, this increases our tenant pool, reduces vacancies, and gets us more rent in the long run. Also, we think it makes people prouder of the place they live, which is important to us as landlords. Take these cheap and easy tips from our 10+ renovations and apply them to your…

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    12 Valentine's Tips From a Female Minimalist

    Given our previous articles on days like Black Friday and Christmas, you can probably guess what our viewpoints are about Valentine’s Day. But if you can’t, I’ll go ahead and let you know, we find “holidays” like this to be a little silly. It is a consumer’s holiday. Marketing and society have lead us to believe that we need to partake in this event, to make our significant other feel loved (more so than any other day of the year?). Which leads to these questions… Do you love your significant other more on these days? Does spending copious amounts of money signify your love? Sure I can understand being reminded of love a little more on…

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    New Years Resolution Guide to: Financial Health

    Well, it’s that time of the year again. You’re feeling the holiday hangover from all the food you ate and all the alcohol you had to consume to deal with your family. Now you’re starting to wonder if spending all your money on presents was worth it. Spolier alert:  it wasn’t. But, it’s a new year, and you’re hoping to turn a new leaf in your financial life. New Year’s resolutions are a little controversial. People either love them or hate them, and no matter where you stand on them, they rarely get acheived. But we are optimists damn it, and there’s no time like the present. So, we will…

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    Dying Early & Broke Because You're American

    Healthcare in Early Retirement? The question seemingly has no easy answer as an American. When we discuss healthcare in retirement, and our short-term plans to utilize medical tourism, and moving abroad to capitalize on Mrs. RRR’s access to practically free healthcare with her EU citizenship we are usually met with squints, sighs, and other skeptical sayings and body language. For some reason, despite clear evidence to the contrary, Americans as a whole feel like healthcare everywhere else is somehow poorer quality and less than what’s available in America. Well, I hope you’re sitting down because we are about to blow your damn minds. “You get what you pay for.”- someone…