• Cheap and Healthy Airport Tips
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    5 Cheap and Healthy Airport Tips

    5 Cheap and Healthy Airport Tips Airline travel, you either hate it, or hate it. I don’t know of anyone that really loves it. Shuffling through security where they scrutinize everything from your toothbrush to your shoe choice. Starving and forced to pay exorbitant prices for meager meals of deli meat with plastic cheese. Everyone seems pissed off except the one woman with “Newlyweds” emblazoned across her t-shirt, and the guy trying not to be seen in his matching shirt. With all the shitty parts, we felt it would be beneficial to cover 5 healthy airport tips that are cheap and easy to make airports and flying suck less for…

  • Retire in the Mediterranean
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    Retire In The Mediterranean

    Leaving our jobs to move abroad has to be one of the worst kept secrets in the world. We’ve all but sent out emails to our respective employers about the change we are about to make. Adventure and travel are much higher rungs on our ladder than climbing our way up the corporate ranks. Geoarbitrage is a natural step up in this thought progression. (How many ladder metaphors do you think I can fit in one paragraph?). Anyway, we are going to break down our costs to retire in the Mediterranean.  Geoarbitrage Geoarbitrage is a fancy word for taking advantage of lower cost of living areas. It is also a…

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    Goodbye 2018

    We think it’s no secret that we made 2018 our bitch. It was a hectic and eventful year for us, but we made some huge steps in the right direction. In this week’s post (coming a day later than usual due to the holiday schedule) we are going to go over some of the good and bad times we had in 2018 regarding our travels and our real estate. Travel We know what y’all are thinking: “You can’t travel. You’re trying to save money and travel is expensive.” Well, 1. Don’t be an asshole. And 2. You’re wrong. Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive at all, and while we are…

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    Dying Early & Broke Because You're American

    Healthcare in Early Retirement? The question seemingly has no easy answer as an American. When we discuss healthcare in retirement, and our short-term plans to utilize medical tourism, and moving abroad to capitalize on Mrs. RRR’s access to practically free healthcare with her EU citizenship we are usually met with squints, sighs, and other skeptical sayings and body language. For some reason, despite clear evidence to the contrary, Americans as a whole feel like healthcare everywhere else is somehow poorer quality and less than what’s available in America. Well, I hope you’re sitting down because we are about to blow your damn minds. “You get what you pay for.”- someone…

  • Benefits of dual EU citizenship
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    Benefits of a Dual Citizenship

    We are very excited to reveal that one of us became a dual citizen last week. Spoiler Alert: it wasn’t me. Emily has a much easier path to get an EU citizenship than most Americans would as a second-generation immigrant. However, now I’m applying and want to find out the benefits of dual citizenship with a European Union citizenship. Why get Dual Citizenship? Emily and I have flirted with the idea of perpetual travel once we hit financial independence. (Update: We pulled the trigger on it!) Also, using Emily’s grandparent’s guest house in Europe as a base makes this an easier option. However, we knew that we would be playing…

  • Flying Norwegian Air
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    How to Survive Norwegian Airlines, & Other Budget Airlines.

    The time has come to take our long-anticipated Europe trip to Cyprus and Dubrovnik via Norwegian Airlines. Most budget airlines, like Norwegian, offer incredibly low fares while trying to up-sell you on literally everything. This is why we think you could use our guide on how to survive Norwegian Airlines & other budget airlines. To give you a brief rundown, we practically robbed Norwegian Airlines by booking flights from NYC to Larnaca, Cyprus for $275. Just to drive home why this is such a big deal, this trip is typically over double that for the same time in May. We also booked flights from Dubrovnik, Croatia back to NYC for…

  • book free flights to Europe
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    Booking Free Flights To Europe…and Why I Cancelled Them

    In this post I’m not going to tell you to cut out your coffee, sell your SUV, or even how to cut the cord on cable. Here comes the fun stuff. Consumerists rejoice! I’m going to explain how you can get free flights anywhere in the world. Would you like to fly to Europe for free? Or would you rather pay for the same trip? At face value, the answer is an easy one, but after my explanation you might change your mind. So, Mrs. RRR, and I like to think of ourselves as travel aficionados. We prefer taking less frequent longer trips to Europe as opposed to multiple shorter…