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    How to Survive on Norwegian Airlines, & Other Budget Airlines.

    You might recall that last year I posted about booking free flights to Europe, and then cancelling them. Well, the time had finally come to take this long anticipated trip to Cyprus and Dubrovnik. To give you a brief rundown of that first article, we robbed some poor airline for flights from NYC to Larnaca, Cyprus for $275 which are typically $800+. We also booked flights from Dubrovnik, Croatia back to NYC for $260, and they are practically the same price as the Larnaca leg. As the title of this article suggests, we flew Norwegian Airlines, which is known as a European budget airline. “Budget airline” means that they typically charge for…

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    Booking Free Flights To Europe…and Why I Cancelled Them

    In this post I’m not going to tell you to cut out your coffee, sell your SUV, or even how to cut the cord on cable. Here comes the fun stuff. Consumerists rejoice! I’m going to explain how you can get free flights anywhere in the world. Would you like to fly to Europe for free? Or would you rather pay for the same trip? At face value, the answer is an easy one, but after my explanation you might change your mind. So, Mrs. RRR, and I like to think of ourselves as travel aficionados. We prefer taking less frequent longer trips to Europe as opposed to multiple shorter…