Budgeting | Early Retirement | Real Estate 

Many of you have asked about financial consulting or real estate consulting, and we are happy to now offer these services for our readers!


I can help you create or assess your budget to make sure that you are making the most out of the money you have coming in. This will give you confidence that you are on the right path and making progress toward reaching your personal goals.

Early Retirement

As someone who has successfully early retired, I would've loved taking advantage of the opportunity to talk to someone else who had achieved what I was pursuing. With this, you have that opportunity. We can discuss strategies, mindset shifts, and more.

Real Estate

We can discuss investment types, investment areas, portfolio questions, tenant screening, self management, selecting the right property, and more. Bounce ideas off of and identify issues with a fellow investor who has retired off the income from his properties.

Choose the perfect Option

Choose one of the three options below to be sure we have enough time to cover the topics you would like to discuss. 


30 Min Session


1 hr session

($10 Savings)


2 hr session

($20 Savings)

What Happens Next?

If you are interested in scheduling a consulting session with me, fill out the contact form below. Be sure to select the best option to fit your needs.

Once we receive your information, we will reach out with payment instructions via PayPal.

When the payment is received, we will schedule a mutually agreed upon time for the consultation.

I look forward to helping you feel more confident and more informed with your savings and investment strategies.