Financial Resources

Financial Resources

Financial Resources

From tracking your money, to making more of it. Our resources below cover side hustles, investing, budgeting, real estate, & more so check them out! 

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Manage Your Money!

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is our favorite app/website for tracking our income, our spending, and our overall net worth. This was key to us reaching financial independence because you need to know where your money is, where its going, and how it's growing. Click Here to sign up and start tracking today!



Mint is a little more intuitive than Personal Capital when it comes specifically to budgeting and tracking spending. However, we still think that Personal Capital takes the edge, especially in net-worth tracking. Regardless, having both would be the best solution. Click Here to get started with Mint.


Fiology Lessons

Fiology has free weekly lessons that they send straight to your email. You receive one lesson a week for a year! Topics cover everything financial from investments and savings, to buying a car and cutting cell costs. Click Here to sign up and start learning today!

Make More Money!

Side Hustles

AirBNB Experience

AirBNB Experience

AirBNB Experiences are a new and exciting way to make some extra dough. We host a coffee crawl in our city, and make money by drinking coffee and walking downtown. It's unreal! Coffee, Beer, Wine, Graffiti, Instagram Spots, Cooking, the options are endless. Click Here to sign up to host your own experience and start making money on the side!

Side Hustle Course

Our friends, Cody at Fly to FI and Julie at Millennial Boss, made this killer side hustle course on how to make money blogging, selling on Etsy, & freelancing. We've been blogging for two years and still learned a ton from this course! The course is closed now, but Click Here to sign up for the waiting list, and don't wait around because it fills up quick!

Investing & Tracking

Acorns Investing Affiliate

Acorn Investing

Acorns is a great way to dip your toes in the world of investing. You can invest your spare change and watch it grow. It can also help you feel more comfortable with investing, buying stocks and index funds, and opening new accounts. Click Here to receive a $5 referral bonus on us!

Credit Karma Affiliate

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is the best free credit monitoring service we've used. Check your scores, follow them as they grow, and make sure there aren't any errors on your credit. A few points on your credit score can save you thousands in interest. Click Here to start tracking your credit score for free!




If you are interested in buying a domain, either to resell or to use for your own business or hobby, we suggest NameCheap. We've bought multiple domains from them, and they are quick, easy, cheap, and professional. They also have excellent customer service. Click Here to buy your own website domain!


After you've got a domain, you're going to need somewhere to host the site. SiteGround is our favorite website host. Prices are great, functionality is great, and their customer service is great. We've transferred sites from other hosts and built four sites on SiteGround including the one you're on now. Click Here to host your own site with them!

Real Estate!



AirBNB has been a hit for us personally. We've converted one of our long term rentals into an AirBNB and wish we had done it sooner. From luxury villas to an air mattress on the floor, AirBNB has it all. You can take advantage of that and host whatever space you have to make some great money on the side. Use our link to Sign Up to host your own space and get $25 once you complete your first booking!



Cozy has been a lifesaver for us. Self managing your rental properties has never been easier. List the unit, accept applications, run background and credit checks, accept rent payments, receive maintenance requests, and even forward them onto your contractor all on Cozy. It's easy, simple to use, and free for landlords. On top of that, our tenants love Cozy and how easy it is to use. Click Here to sign up.