Health Resources

Health Resources

Want to feel better mentally and physically? Want to look better naked? Check out our resources below!

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Workout Programs

Men's Workout Program

A comprehensive workout program that got me in the best shape and the best physique of my life. It eliminates any questions about which exercises to do, how many reps, and how many sets. All of the above is easy to understand with our workout program. Disclaimer: Hard work is still necessary to see results!
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Women's Workout Program

Coming Soon!

Supplement Guide

Men's Multi Vitamin

A multivitamin is the one supplement that we think everyone should take. This one is cheap, it's comprehensive, and it doesn't make you feel like shit or taste funny, so it checks all the boxes.

Women's Multi Vitamin

Literally, the same benefits as the men's multivitamin, just in the women's version. Not sure why it's so much cheaper than the men's one, but let's say that it's making up for the pink tax on everything else.

Vegan Protein

This is the best vegan protein on the market right now in terms of taste, and value (chocolate is our favorite). It doesn't have the earthy taste that many others have, and we've been setting PR's in the gym, so it must be effective at getting us enough protein for recovery.

Non-Vegan Protein

Literally the opposite of vegan protein. It has whey, casein, and egg protein. All of which are animal products, and are unnecessary in 2019, but we know some people are resistant to change. Great taste, & great price