Dying Early & Broke Because You’re American

Healthcare in Early Retirement? The question seemingly has no easy answer as an American. When we discuss healthcare in retirement, and our short-term plans to utilize medical tourism, and moving abroad to capitalize on Mrs. RRR’s access to practically free healthcare with her EU citizenship we are usually met with squints, sighs, and other skeptical… Continue reading Dying Early & Broke Because You’re American

Why People Love Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: shopping days that millions of people anxiously wait all year for. As you might imagine, these shopping “holidays” aren’t really our cup of tea. Literally a day after everyone gathers and expresses what they’re thankful for, they’re fighting old women and small children for shit they don’t need that’s only… Continue reading Why People Love Black Friday

Our $160 Monthly Food Bill

To get that brain matter flowing and get you thinking about your answer throughout the article, we’re going to start this off by asking you a question. How much do you spend a week on food, namely groceries? The big three monthly expenses everyone has are: housing; transportation; and food. Well, we’ve covered housing with: The… Continue reading Our $160 Monthly Food Bill

The True Car Replacement

It’s no secret that we are passionate about cycling, and particularly commuting via bicycle. You’re not only exercising for free, you’re actually saving a significant amount of money compared to commuting via car. So, let’s make a quick checklist of all the things biking to work does for you that a car does not: Fun ✔… Continue reading The True Car Replacement

How to Bike to Work

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.” –John F. Kennedy There aren’t many things that I get as much enjoyment out of as riding my bicycle to work. Ignoring the cost benefit for the moment, just imagine the efficiency of completing one task and simultaneously knocking three things off your “to-do” list at… Continue reading How to Bike to Work