First Two Years of Blogging
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First Two Years Of Blogging

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Last week was our two year “blog-iversary”  of writing on Rethink the Rat Race. Even though we’ve had this website going for two years, I still don’t feel like a ‘blogger’. Most people who start blogs quit within the first three months. What has kept us going these past two years of blogging, though? Hint: it’s definitely not the money. We’ve made a whopping $2.09, not counting all the expenses we have. FIRE here we come!

Two Years of Growth

I feel like I have learned a lot over the past two of compiling our thoughts and ideas. It has helped me grow as a person and as a writer. As cliche as this is, I think it’s helped in getting out of my comfort zone…now if only I could be a little more active on social media. But really, I feel like I can contribute to the FI world since we have this platform. My hope is that out of all the people that read anything on our site, at least one person will get inspired to make a change in their life to better their future. I wish we had found out about financial independence years before we actually did. But who knows, we might not have been in the right mindset to actually be receptive to the information. Maybe we can help plant that seed for someone else, though.

More Connections

I don’t think you need to have a blog to be part of the FI community, make friends and connections, give advice, or have side hustles. However, I think it has helped me feel like I am more a part of the community. I think of myself as very introverted, so having a blog and putting content out there helps with engaging with people online and in person.

In the two years blogging, we have been to multiple CampFI’s and local meetups. Neither of these gatherings were related to the blog, but rather about the personal connections that we made. I’d like to think that we have “converted” our friends to the FI lifestyle, but we haven’t successfully done that yet. Only a few people close to us are open to the idea of it and don’t think we’re completely crazy.

More Content

If you’ve been with us since day 1, you may have noticed that I didn’t really make much of an appearance during the first year. Writing has never been my strong suit, so in the beginning, I wasn’t very confident with the content that I wrote. Since February of this year though, James and I have been alternating weeks of posting. It helps take the load of posting as much off him and gives me more of an incentive to write.

Last week the finalists for the 10th Annual Plutus Awards were announced, and we were shocked to realize we were in the running for the best real estate blog. We never expected to be nominated for anything. It is such an honor to have our name among so many people that we admire and look up to. We promise to keep putting more real estate and helpful content out there to help you in your financial independence journey.

More Confidence

Throughout the life of our blog, we have documented our financial independence journey. We have talked about almost all of our real estate properties, and the steps we take to update them. Real estate has been important to us because that’s how we have achieved our independence so quickly. Having this outlet to document our journey has helped me in feeling more confident about the path we have chosen.

When writing about all of our other topics, it gives me a little more motivation to continue living this lifestyle. We want people to realize there is another way to life that doesn’t involve working until 65 and then living life. Learning about money and having multiple streams of income gives me a confidence that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I would be dependent on my job, and making sure I never say anything out of line, never take risks, or turn down any meetings, deadlines, or responsibilities. Even if it means I lose time, sleep, and bandwidth.

Going Forward

A couple of months ago, we signed up for the Side Hustle course made by Cody from Fly to FI and Julie from Millennial Boss. We have learned so much helpful information. It’s not only about making money online but also how to take our site to another level. This blog is fun for us and we want our readers to have the best experience when they come here.

These past two years blogging have been full of learning experiences and personal and financial growth. Leaving our jobs may seem like the end, but it’s only the end of this chapter in our lives. We have our whole lives to look forward to, and this is only the beginning of hearing from us.