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We hope you enjoyed Mr. RRR’s feature on the ChooseFI podcast on Veganism. If you have no idea what we are talking about, you can listen to the episode here, or search for ChooseFI Episode 90 on your favorite podcast app. Below, you will find some of our favorite articles which cover our diet and lifestyle, our background story, and our rental properties that’ll form the majority of our early retirement portfolio.


How We Make Veganism Work For Us.
Strengthen Your Mental Fortitude Through Fasting.
Health is Wealth: Frugal Fitness Guide.


The RRR Origin Story.
The Reject Engineer.
How Sacrificing My Job for Adventure Advanced My Career 5 Years.

Real Estate

The House Hack that Allows us to Live for Free
From One to Nine Rental Units in a Year
Add $10k of Property Value in a Weekend.
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  • Captain DIY

    Very cool that you got on with the Choose FI guys! Definitely an interesting topic, and it got me thinking little more about my diet. It’s pretty good, but of course it could be better

  • droptozro

    Thanks for posting this information. I will definitely give it a look and definitely am interested in your budgets/recipes. We have our own garden(which my wife mainly handles) and it’s been growing each year and we keep it organic strictly and we’re learning permaculture design. Our biggest struggle has been creating good healthy recipes with good spices with some variety, especially anything that’s all vegetables or little meat that our kids(6 and 3) will eat. But even my wife and I get sick of the fact that for example this year our zucchini grew really well… so, we’ve tried to eat as much of them as possible and incorporate them in meals by shredding, or making noodles out of them but it gets old haha
    I was also at first not so sure I wanted to listen to the recent ChooseFI podcast but decided I needed to anyways and be open. I will admittedly not become a vegan nor promote it, but I do heartily promote healthier foods, local gardens, sustainable food and animal growth(meaning, I’m against factory farms and factory animals–see Joel Salatin if you’re interested in learning more or don’t already know of him).
    I had watched friends in the past do veganism and it surely helped one of the families’ husband fight cancer–last I knew he’d been alive without any medical treatments for 7 years as of now, but their children seemed to suffer in some form on the family vegan diet. Bones were broken very easily, abnormally easy a couple times and their daughter also had very poor looking hair growth/health overall. I just don’t see it for everyone, but leave it completely up to the individual as you guys have done. It might have something to do with genetics, I don’t know.
    Anyways sorry for that ramble. I just wanted to say I appreciate how you guys did the podcast and explained your position and path. I thank you for that a lot—I get sick of many vegans I run into run around shoving it down everyone’s throats or pointing out the obvious factory farm issues as if there’s no sustainable way to handle animals in a healthy manner. You two did amazing though!

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